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Allying Law with Society

Law Research Journal

Commitment of  Editors


Editors must be unbiased and considerable toward all the Manuscript offered by the authors, for Publication. The judgment of Editors toward the manuscript should be solely upon the merits, irrespective and without discriminating in the matter of race, gender, religion, political, caste, or any other such gestures. 

The Editor must proofread the manuscript promptly. Since Editor(s) holds the equal authority and responsibility toward a manuscript for the Acceptance or Rejection to Publishing. 

The Editor upon their discretion may approach other associates or any person of the team for the purpose of evaluation or revision of the manuscript toward the publishing or Acceptance or Rejection. 

The Editor Board must be discrete and should maintain the anonymity of all the manuscript submitted toward the Publication. Only the member over the Editorial Board could be consulted. However, sharing the details of the manuscript or the entire manuscript is permitted between the Editorial Board. 

All the editors over the Editorial Board must keep the Anonymity of the Manuscript(s) Rejected and their content confined to the Editorial Board. Outsourcing any such Content is prohibited and could result in termination of editorship.

Any Manuscript of the person of Editorial Board, submitted for publishing in the same journal is ought to undergo other associates of the Editorial Board for the proofread and processing toward the Publication.


The Editor must not perceive or in real, enter into a contradiction of the views of the manuscript or author to his personal views. In the case where the editor enters into debate with the contents of the manuscript, another editor or any senior editor must be appointed for evaluation such paper. 

Editors are asked to refrain from obtaining any information on the unpublished manuscript or submitted for the same. The only exception to this remains the consent of the author of such a manuscript.

Editors must be convinced with the content of the manuscript to be erroneous or which is not true of any author’s work, he must convey to the respective authority and shall correct it. 

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