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They are the lifeline of Legality Viability; their dream is what you are perceiving as Legality Viability. They are the brain, heart, backbone behind this organization. Our motto

"Teamwork can help you win mountains".



She is the proud member and managing editor of the LEGALITY VIABILITY. Ambitious, Enthusiastic, Committed law student and heart of this team. Determined towards work with optimum utilization of ability and result-oriented work. A passion for law, social media, and all things marketing. She has the skillset and professional background, necessary to dive deep into the law world.

Phone Number- +91 7011526305

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He is the proud member and content head of the LEGALITY VIABILITY. He is the eyes of the team. He has an urge to share his experience and knowledge among all law students. His good evaluation, strong management and analyzing skills will help students to overcome the hurdles which, they generally come across to become a successful lawyer. He sees challenges as a part of life and the only option to overcome the obstacles is with the key of knowledge and hard work.

Phone Number- +91 8882789262

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She is the proud member and Editor in Chief of the LEGALITY VIABILITY. She is the creative mind of the team, a caretaker and a compassionate person who will always be there for the students. She is modest and quite an observer. She believes in doing things with bravery as its just the matter of taking one sure step in any direction to achieve what you want in life.

Phone Number- +91 885124100

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Kartik is a person who is steadfast and determined to achieve goals in his life. An opportunist who'll work hard and will manage to make things work.
His contribution towards LV as managing head will surely be a boost to his career.



Ravisha as a person is very hardworking and she clearly believes that the accomplishment of the goal is a must. She has motivated and positive energy that she believes in spreading with her colleagues. 
As the HR she will ensure to build a healthy atmosphere for the work and to create an effective team for LV.


She is the graphic designer of our team. She is a keen observer with a fine sense of judgement. As an artist, she has developed an elite level of patience which contributes significantly towards her work. She is someone who likes to play it cool under stressful circumstances, which incorporates an added confidence and calm to her colleagues

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