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Media Interview
Through the series of interviews of various renowned personalities sharing their experiences and inspiring the way forward in order to guide those who desire a career in the field of law, Judiciary, UPSC.


Ms.Astha Mehta

(Assistant Professor)

" For any fresher transitioning into the workforce today, it’s important to have some experience to gain experience. Let’s accept it that nobody wants to hire you unless you have some knowledge of the work, which is why internships become important."

Dr.Ashu Dhiman


Duke Ellington has rightly said, “A problem is a chance for you to do your best.” And my message to law students and professionals revolves around this. The whole world is in problem, but as nature has utilized the chance and revived itself we must also do the same. As students are free they must work on their weaknesses by identifying and applying the required efforts. 

Mr.Bhumesh Verma

(Managing Partner Corp Comm Legal)

“Eye for details, sincerity, dedication, patience, good drafting and oratory skills, interpersonal skills, sound temperament are some of the traits which have an everlasting impact on a legal practitioner’s success and goodwill.”


Adv. Sai Anukaran

(Supreme Court Lawyer)

"Pursuing an LLM is definitely a rewarding experience because it augments your existing knowledge and allows you to bridge the gap between academia and practice. It also allows you to approach any given problem/case differently and more comprehensively."

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