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Dowry System in India- Somya Mendiratta

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

“ Any young man, who makes dowry a condition to marriage, discredits his education and his country and dishonors womanhood” – MAHATMA GANDHI

Dowry death basically means bride’s suicide or killing a bride by her husband or by family members after the marriage because of dissatisfaction with the dowry. It is very unfortunate but we are living in the society were love marriage are disgraced but arrange marriage with exchange of lots of dowry are acceptable. Traditionally dowry means gifts which are given by the parents of the bride at the time of marriage in the ancient Hindu customs. dowry were consider as kanyadaan and vardakshina by the parents voluntarily out of love and affection used to give gifts to newly weds as for their new journey. But with the pass of time it became forceful and harsh practice. Dowry is a matter of concern now days in India as most of the bride die because of dowry as her father and family members unable to fulfill the demand of dowry as now days people think that taking dowry increases our status and if the newly bride was coming she should increases our status by giving lots of money ,cars ,gold ,etc. to the family member of broom side and if the bride didn’t fulfill the demand of dowry of the husband and the family member of the husband, torchers the bride and kill her or induces her to do suicide.

Nowadays dowry death is a matter of concern as 87000 women killed around the last year and 50000 or 58% were killed by the hands of intimate partners or family members.

In last 5 years as many as 715 cases of dowry death has been reported in national capital and crime rate has been increasing in every passing year. According to the Indian national crime Records Bureau. Every day, at least 20 women become a victim of dowry death and the annual figures go well above 7000 deaths .As per experts several cases are not reported and the actual death could be three or four times the official statistics . As we saw the latest data 93% of accused were reported but only one third in conviction. As in these matter judiciary was having lesser support to those women. Dowry death cases grows from 19% per day in 2001 to 21% per day in 2016 . As 24771 cases of dowry death reported in last three years and the maximum number of dowry death cases was in Uttar Pradesh with 7048 deaths. Uttar Pradesh followed by Bihar and Madhya Pradesh with 3830 and 2252 death during same period. India has a alarming trend that seize 20% women die every day due to harassment over dowry and commit suicide or murder. It is very deep rotted stigma. As the number of cases are rapidly increasing the act for the prohibition of dowry was made in 1961. “ DOWRY PROHIBITION ACT 1961”. This act prohibits and request, payment or acceptance of a dowry as consideration of marriage . after the enforcement of this act dowry becomes illegal in India . Where the dowry was defined as a gift demanded or given as a precondition for a marriage. Asking for dowry can be punished with imprisonment of up to 6 mounts or fine up to 5000 .

Offences of dowry death was inserted in 1986 by the virtue of section 304B and section 498A of Indian penal code.

Ample opportunity has already past that we need an adjustment in the mentality and demeanor of the individuals about dowry . Teaching youngsters since the beginning about the significance of gender equality could be an important beginning toward that path. We should treat our girls similarly with no segregation. Teach and urge young ladies to seek after a vocation of their choice as opposed to giving immense dowry . This is the best blessing any parent can give their daughter . Make mindfulness among young ladies to imagine that they would not permit their folks to languish tremendous obligations over their marriage. Youngsters should take a choice that theywould not live on target of another people efforts and furthermore take choice not to became marketable products sold by their parents.

Quit giving dowry and start valuing your daughters first, so that others can know their value.

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