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Impact of COVID-19 on Education System - Lovepreet Kaur

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

In many countries of the world, the coronavirus has an unprecedented impact. It spread to 213 countries in total, 2 million people were affected by it and 130000 people died. In the world, India is the country with the highest rate of respiratory disease and tuberculosis cases. These diseases lead to a higher risk of coronavirus. The lockdown in various countries due to coronavirus pandemic lead to negative effects on the education system. As India citizens ask to stay home and maintain social distance which means in lockdown all factories, schools, colleges/Universities markets, shops, and places of worship are closed, and public transport, construction work is suspended. Schools, Universities, Institutes all cancelled the examinations.[1]

The Covid-19 lead to not only disruption to families around the world but the learning, social life of the children. The teaching is moving online which is unprecedented. All work of students assessment, test or exams are moving online where the children also face many problems. Due to some issues many assessments are cancelled which is a loss for students' futures. These problems do not have only short-term consequences but also have long term consequences.

All major examinations of law, medical, agriculture, fashion, engineering are postponed. The situation is becoming alarming day by day. Mostly the private universities are going to suffer as faculties or employees may face a fall in salary, bonus.

Impact on education: Schools

The policy of going to school is good for students, where they have fun activities, become aware of some social issues, and develop some skills. It is considered school is a very important part as attending helps students to increase their ability. Relatively, if a student attended school for a short time he/she gained something but missed school for a short time leading to consequences for future growth. Now, it is easy to estimate how much Covid-19 is affecting the education system or children’s growth. From March, 2020 students are not going to schools which has an adverse effect on their future.[2]

Thinking Digital to Being Digital: In the 21st century due to Covid-19 everything changed in the world. The delivering or accessing the information/ knowledge is also changed. The pandemic has a great impact on our lives that innovative way of teaching is adoptive.[3]

Education system response: It is necessary to include digital tools for teaching and learning for teachers and students. As this lockdown put full stop on the education of the learner. But digital systems play a very important role and service providers rethink, then they are able to fight with this situation. Now students are learning from online platforms.

Tradition of digital Learning: Schools/ Colleges start using their internet system and also using video broadcasting tools example: Zoom, Google meet, WebEx, Hangout to offer students to learn from their home. With these tools they live streaming classes with students. These tools also help in live Q&A.[4]

Use of Social media Channels: To overcome the hindrance in the learning of the students the various institute start doing massage and providing information through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. So, the education each and every student.

Rural areas students: In rural areas many students have no access to the internet or some families have no means to purchase expensive gadgets. Due to lack of access to the internet or laptops/ mobile phones many students are left behind.[5]

Unprepared teachers: For online teaching some skills are required, all teachers are not prepared. Teachers are just conducting online classes for salary. Many of them are familiar with e-learning.[6]

The covid-19 brings changes in the education sector or with the time the traditional method of learning is leaving behind. The system adopts digital solutions so that they make e-learning more accessible for students. They are empowering the digital system by reducing cost or upgrading the activities. There is an opportunity for investors to invest in the development of educational apps which help the students in learning.

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