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LIFE DURING COVID-19 - Deepti Vats

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Ages ago, it was said in the natural theory of karma “karma is something which always comes back to you” means that all those who are going out of their way today will surely be getting their results in future. Might be things which we are currently doing today that gives us a feeling of pleasure and delight but no one knows up to when this feeling of jubilation will last. The current situation (Covid time) is a seriously a very difficult time for all but only that person can feel the pain who have faced this. Covid is the only situation in which no one wants to be positive otherwise positivity is a very joyful word on its own.


The present situation of covid is so depressing and difficult. Sometimes I personally feel like let’s end up life may god end up everything destroy every article on earth and let’s begin everything new with every item in its pure and raw state and also human beings with full of humanity in them. No one knows but might be this will be the only out-turn of this pandemic situation. We all should take care of our family, friends, neighbours, and to all those persons who are seriously in need of it, the help may differ as it can be by donating plasma, money, oxygen, or even by taking the person to the hospital. This is the correct and only time in which people have a great opportunity to show their humanity otherwise we never know when life will come to end.

Last year, the situation was not that drastic in India but in Italy, Israel, the USA and many more countries it ate up the lives of many if one will reach up to the hearts of people who lost their near and dear ones at that time the realization of pain will be felt and will just end up sobbing by feeling a state of complete helplessness. The only thing which can help us today is Mask, hand and body sanitization. We should try not to achieve a situation in which we need so many medications and artificial oxygen. The only thing which is good and proud granting is that India is obtaining so much help from countries like the US, Israel, France etc. This proves that idiom – “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

Yesterday, I came across a news article which led me to a period of oblivion. It was written there that a doctor lied to his patients by making their fake reports of corona positive and admitting them after that he ended up giving them anaesthesia and removed their organs. Look and the depth of inhumanity and cruelty. Also, many atrocious gangs are caught up distributing fake vaccines and medicines. Up to what extinct people floating in the same sea will be cruel to each other in India. By viewing the current scenario of our country I personally don’t know up to when life is going to be there in India but I hope that the future generation will come across these writings and they will be getting a scripture of how karma end up broking and harming one’s own self. As karma has no menu, you get served what you deserve.

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