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Is Society Responsible for Antisocial Activities? - by Dr. Yashpreet kaur

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Uneven distribution of resources and movies can be blamed for growing antisocial activities. While unlike distribution is primarily due to political reasons which gives rise to crimes in the society. Let us examine the causes as well as other elements which are liable for the same in the subsequent paragraphs.

To begin with, let us shed light on the factors that causes antisocial activities in the society. First and foremost, an unequal society cannot fulfil the aspirations of its citizens especially youngsters through legitimate channels. To elaborate, a horde of young adults after failing to achieve an adequate education and respectable job indulge in antisocial activities such as theft and extortion. To cite an example, a research conducted by The Oxford University in the year 2010 over a group of 3500 young adults in U.S.A revealed that 56% of them are unemployed and exhibits severe criminal tendency in order to fulfil their requirements.

Furthermore, movies are another reason for increasing antisocial activities in the society. To go deeper, people not only watch movies and films to entertain themselves but individuals also tend to replicate the same behaviour which they perceive in the cinemas. For instance, a survey conducted by UNESCO in 2016 over a group of 4000 youngsters ranging between 15-30 years of age in U.K revealed that 78% people tend to reproduce the activities shown in films which elevates the antisocial behaviour in people.

Additionally, education is the primary factor which can be upgraded in order to control antisocial activities. To elucidate, instead of emphasising to excel in grades, the education system should focus on considering morals equally crucial for the students. As it will help children to learn and identify the merits and demerits of antisocial activities in early age. To illustrate, Dr. Sigmund Fraud, an eminent psychoanalyst stated in one of his studies on children in 1922 that people hardly forget the lessons thought in schools throughout their life in comparison to any other stage.

To encapsulate, it can be concluded that government is equally responsible for antisocial activities’ it is the duty of government as well as society to put efforts in upgrading the education system and fairly distribute the resources among the population in order to control antisocial activities.

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