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Updated: Nov 24, 2021

We, the people of India pledge to stand together against every situation fighting with all the odds, and obstacles regardless of their caste, creed, colour, religion, age but obviously as it wasn’t mentioned in any laws there is no mandate to follow it. It clearly implies for some people that it’s okay to create hate, it is okay to discriminate people even in the worst time and then we also have privilege to mistreat others. I never thought of expressing such harsh views on my society but after all these situations it has become need of the hour. I feel deeply hurt when I put this that even if our constitution had these laws or even such by laws we wouldn’t have followed it ever.

In this pandemic situation the sufferers were highlighted and talked about by each and every one, the sufferers are the poor people, the unprivileged class of society who fight with others even to arrange a meal for the day, and after the lockdown when their jobs were snatched away from them by the coronavirus and they had to survive without a bite. We all agree that there is a lot of difficulties that are faced by them even to attain the most basic necessity of life to survive. People didn’t have any shelter, they are living in the worst scenario that can be imagined.

Although it doesn’t imply that they are the only ones who are suffering after the labour class, we have middle class the families who can sustain their life by fulfilment of basic necessities but they also have to struggle. Moreover to have some flexibilities and relaxations they have to fight the most because they are the ignorant class of the society. In this epidemic disease there are many small scale business who just get messed between the laws and regulations made by the central government and to do their moral duties. If we take an instance of a small company who had three employees but due to this pandemic situation his business was stop and now he have zero amount of earning but they are bounded to pay salary to their employees as directed by the government. As it is clearly mentioned in the s. 3 of epidemic disease act 1897, it is clearly said that whosever disobey the rules and regulations made under this act shall be deemed to have committed an offence under section 188 of the Indian Penal Code (45 of 1860). But if we think morally then doesn’t  make any sense that a person who is struggling and managing so hard just to maintain his own family has to carry the burden of fulfilling the needs of other three families by giving the earning members their full salary.

It inhuman to expect such things from people and do nothing for them. We all observed that during this pandemic government made some remedies for the labour class or unprivileged ones but what about our sufferers of middle class, nothing was bought into consideration for them as there was no pressure on the central or state government neither from the people nor from the media. Is this how our government is going to work under peer pressure or by highlighting the problems, isn’t that true that the government is responsible to take care of their citizen then why isn’t this true in the case of the middle class people.

Let me define middle class people for you- the ones who can send their children to private schools by cutting the budget for grocery, the ones who can go out to watch movies once in a while but can’t eat out on the same day, the ones who have a car because they have taken loans. Here I am not trying to compare the problems that are suffered by different classes that exist in society but we need to take consideration the problems of the middle class because they are the silent sufferers who just get flanked by the poor and   by the rich as rich’s are not bothered and if the poor’s will make some amid amount of noise and disturbance in the society it will catch attention of everyone. While writing this blog I really hope that when people read this out they think twice and the ones who have any powers in their hand may take reasonable steps to help them out, because they are inconsiderate in our society that doesn’t mean that their sufferings, issues and problems will be normalised. They are not normalised suffers we have made every suffering normal for them by being insensitive and non- empathetic towards them .so let’s try to bring the change in the society by raising our voice.

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