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Starting a research project can seem a difficult task. Research means to find out the things in a standardized way and to gain knowledge in a particular field or topic. It is basically a way of thinking. There are various methods of researching but the most famous method is the scientific method of research.

The Scientific Method

The scientific method defined as controlled standardized analysis that is rooted in objective reality& that intends to develop general knowledge about real events. There are 7 steps involved in scientific research: -

Step 1: Identifying and Developing the Topic

  •  Must choose the subject area in which you are interested.
     Then do initial research using the internet and encyclopedias.
     After the selection of topic, choose the main notion in your research question

Step 2: Review the Literature

 Find out the information which already exists.
 Recognize gaps in the literature.
 Recognize the main notions, outcomes and hypotheses and establish similarities and
 Interpret new things of the old material or combine new with the old interpretation
 Depending on the situation, evaluate the sources and advise the reader on the most
pertinent or relevant research.
 You have to find your own analysis within the context of existing literature.

Step 3: Formulate Hypothesis

Collect observations as much as you can.
 Examine those observations and look for possible causes of the issue.
 The hypothesis should be very specific and limited to the piece of research in hand because
it has to be tested.

Step 4: Preparing the Research Design

  It acts as a guide to achieving the goal of a researcher.
 The function is to provide the relevant information with minimal expenditure of effort, time
and money.

Step 5: Data Collection

​The purpose is to maintain quality evidence.
 Data collection must be accurate as it is essential for maintaining the quality of research.
 Appropriate data collection instruments must be selected and clearly outlined
instructions for their correct use curtail the probability of errors arising.
Data Collection Methods: -
1. Primary Data- they are collected for the first time and are original in nature.
2. Secondary Data- they are already collected by someone else and which have through
some statistical analysis.

Step 6: Analyze the Data

  • The purpose is to find out the useful information, notifying the outcomes and support
    decision making.

  • Basically, data is analyzed to answer the questions and to test the theories.

Step 7: Interpretation and Report Writing

  • It is basically a task to create assumptions from the collected facts.

  •  It is required for hypothesis result.

  • This has to be done very carefully, otherwise, misleading conclusions may be drawn and
    the whole purpose of doing research may get visited.

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