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Editorial Office Assessment

At the initial stage quality of the paper is not checked only the formatting and arrangement( stylizations) are assessed. The paper/ article must adhere to the Submission guidelines.


  • Plagiarism Assessment

Plagiarism can be described as copying someone else work, ideas, or Imagination for your own benefit. It shows misappropriation and we are against it. 

Plagiarism above 10% will not be accepted and hence outrightly rejected. 

The Senior Editor will allot a team code to every submitted paper to maintain the anonymity and selection fairness. After that  Senior Editor runs the plagiarism test with trusted software. The review team ignores “Quotes”, “Footnotes”, or endnotes as they do not fall under the plagiarism definition. If the plagiarism is more than 10% then, the paper gets rejected without being reviewed any further.

Review Stages

Peer Review is handled by Associate Editors and Assistant Editors.

The editors set time aside to read the paper several times. The papers are forwarded for a 2 Stage Double-Blind Peer Review. The Review is conducted in 2 stages. They are:

  • The Language Check Stage: Overall language of the manuscript is closely scrutinized by the Assistant Editor, the minor changes like grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes in the manuscript get modified by the reviewers only. 

  • The Citations Check Stage: This is done by the Associate Editors. Those papers which have incorrect citations get rejected right away. However, if minor changes are required, the editors let their superior know and the paper is sent back to the author for modifications. 

After this process, a review report is prepared by the editors with a recommendation to accept, reject, or need of modification is required is submitted to the Senior Editor. 

Senior editor reviews the report closely before making a decision and passes it on to the Editor in Chief for the overall decision. If the manuscript is selected it is sent forward for publication if the paper gets rejected or needs modification proper communication is made to the author within the week.

  • The result regarding Publication

Communication to the author(s) whose manuscript is selected for publication in the journal.



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Frequency of Publication: Quarterly [4 issues per year]
Languages: English
Accessibility: Open Access

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